Masjid Re-Opening For Congregational Prayer

Asalamualaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh

Daily Salaah

Madina Masjid Clapton will host all 5 congregational salaatcommencing from tomorrow the 13th of Zul Qadah, i.e. the 4thof July.  Fajr Salah tomorrow will be at 4.20am Insha’Allah.  The Masjid will open 30 minutes before congregational prayer.

You will not need to book online for daily salaah, only for Jummuah.

Jummah Salaah

• Alhamdulillah Jumuah Salah will also recommence from the 19th of Zul Qadah, i.e. the 10th of July.  
• Due to limiting numbers on each floor there will be an online registration system going live from Monday 6th July after Asr salaah on our website  
• For those who are unable to use the internet you may register by coming into the Masjid side hall between Asar and Maghrib from Monday evening.  
• We will hold as many Jumuah congregations as necessary according to the responses we receive.  The 1st Jumuahwill be at 1.25pm and the second at 2.15pmInsha’Allah. 

In accordance with Government Covid guidelines Madina Masjid request all brothers to adhere to the following rules:

1. Stay at home if you have any symptoms of Covid, you will continue to receive the same reward as if you were praying in Congregation.  
2. Anyone who is in the shielding category or with advanced medical conditions or has been told to be in isolation is advised to remain at home.
3. Children under the Age of 10 are discouraged from coming to the Masjid during this time
4. When you arrive at the Masjid maintain a safe distance at all times.  All activities in the Masjid will be performed with social distancing
5. Perform your Wudhu at home, Wudhu facilities will be suspended for the time being
6. Bring your own pray mat and face covering
7. Qurans and reading materials will not be available in the Masjid.  Please bring your own for solitary prayer times
8. Sanitise your hands with the Approved Alcohol Free sanitiser provided at all entrances
9. Avoid Physical contact  
10. We encourage all brothers to perform the Sunnah and Nawafil prayers at home to minimise the contact time between attendees at large gatherings 
11. Please be aware of all signs and notices in the Masjid
12. Different entrances will be used for different floors
13. During Masjid opening times both Fans and the AC will not be switched on but all windows will be kept open to allow adequate air flow.  

These guidelines have been approved by our respected Imams and the management committee.  We request that all brothers continue to cooperate with our volunteers for the masjid reopening.  

May Allah reward you all for your patience and continued support.