How to perform Eid Salaah in your house?

We pray you are well and that this month of Ramadhan has been of profit to you.

Due to a small grammatical error a New Updated Version has been attached below - Published 24th May 2020. Please use the latest PDF for your Eid Salaah.

What to do for Eid Salaah?

Under the guidance of our Hadhrat Mufti Umar Faruq Sahib Damat Barakatuhum, the masjid has created a document explaining all questions in regards to performing Eid Salaah in your homes. Please see the attached PDF file below.
Per Government regulations, there will not be an opportunity to hold Eid Salaah at the masjid. 
On this day of Eid, we should all manifest happiness, although we are naturally distressed that we cannot go to the masjid freely as we used to before or we cannot go to offer eid salaah this year as we normally do, but this is Allahs decision, his intention and Allah  is the most high and his is the most wise.
Our neighbours (many of them non-Muslims) have been an incredible source of strength in supporting the broadcasting of the azaan over the loudspeaker and common theme emerging from them is the desire the azaan should continue. We request that you make dua that Allah opens all of our hearts and guides all of mankind to the correct path.
A gentle reminder that if you find yourself cooking or baking foods at Eid (as many Muslim families often do), then think about also sharing this with as many of your neighbours (Muslim/non-Muslim) as possible so you strengthen your neighbourly love and their attachment to Muslims and understanding of Islam grows. Let us use the day of Eid to showcase the teachings of our beloved Prophet Muhammed S.A.W and this beautiful deen that has been given to us.