Winter Holiday Special

Tuesday 31st December 2019 - After Esha 8:30PM

31 Dec 2019

By the will of Allah Madina Masjid Events have organised for this months gathering for the brothers to be held on the 31st December 2019 after Salaat ul Esha (8:30pm). The program will consist of Qiraat, Nasheeds and 2 talks. Qiraat will be recited by Imam of Chingford Masjid, Mawlana Qari Mizanur Rahman and the talks will be delivered by Mawlana Ebrahim Teladia sahib and Mawlana Yunus Dudhwala sahib.

We encourage all brothers to attend and to bring others with them too, in aim to ensure we are sitting in the masjid in the rememberance of allah, while all the fitans are going on outside at this time of the year.