TFL Parking/Cycling Consultation

6 Nov 2019


Transport for London, with Hackney Council are planning to create a segregated cycle lane around Lea Bridge Roundabout which will lead to more public transport delays, less parking for our service users and elderly congregants who attend prayers, school and events everyday and on other Islamic occasions such as Eid, Ramadhan or Taraweeh.

We are not against improving the health of local residents but we think that the case for segregated cycle lanes has not been made and the local community have not been adequately consulted. The roundabout is not an accident hotspot, nor does it have many cyclists using it and the quality criteria for cycle lanes does not appear to have been met nor has the methodology been published. TfL are also proposing to close access to certain roads and limit the width of the road.

We also hold the view that TfL should use existing cycling infrastructure as a route between Dalston and Walthamstow as many cyclists already bypass the roundabout in favour of cutting through Milfields Park and going via Powerscroft Road (Quiet Way 2).

How can you help?

1. Make dua to allah S.W.T to give us ease and help us in our cause and do whatever is best for our community

2. Fill in the form below

3. Send emails about our concerns to the emails listed below

4. Spread our concerns to others.

Link to consultation:

If you want to help improve the local community, then help us by filling in your details (and anyone who may be supportive like your family members and friends) and we we will advocate for your views by filling in the TfL Consultation on your behalf. We desperately need your help in fighting this!

Sending Emails

We have attached a draft letter below which you can download in regards to this TFL Consultation, we urge you all to send the letter to the emails below.

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