The Poisonous Arrow Of Shaytaan

Mawlana Qari Mizaanur Rahman Sahib - Saturday 27th June - After Asr Salaah (8PM)

27 Jun 2020

Asalamualikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh

By the will of Allah Madina Masjid Events have organised for this months Monthly Talk for the brothers to be held on the 27th June 2020 after Asr Salaat (8pm). The talk will be delivered by Mawlana Qari Mizaanur Rahman Sahib.The title of the talk is 'The Poisonous arrow of Shaytaan'.

The masjid will not be open for the public to attend for this programme, rather the community is encouraged to tune in via the transmitter or Mixlr, in aim to learn about the effects of evil glances and learn how to stay away from such acts.