Funeral Services


By the will of Allah S.W.T since our inception in 1984, our masjid has been providing funeral services for our community, in providing Ghusl, Janazah Salaah and transport for the deceased.


In light of the current pandemic that has hit our nation, Madina Masjid has ensured that the rights of a beleiving man and woman are still carried out. Taking guidelines from Public Health England, World Health Organisation, National Burial Council and our Esteemed Hadhrat Mufti Umar Faruq Sahib, we have corroborated a set way of carrying out ghusls for COVID 19 Funerals.

We have a dedicated female and male team trained to perform COVID19 Ghusl at our premises, with the use of the required PPE Equipment.

We currently provide the following services:

  • Transport - Pick up from the hospital and drop off to the cemetery of the deceased (Based on availability of the Ambulance from TPICA)
  • Ghusl - Our trained dedicated teams will perform the Ghusl
  • Shrouding the Body - Kafn
  • Janazah Salaah - Performed in our masjid, Limited numbers of people will be allowed and Social distancing rule observed.

If you require our service feel free to call the following people.

Yusuf Hajat - 07956383266

Hafidh Mohammed Sidat - 07956577890