Ramadhan Bayaan Schedule 1445/2024

30 Mar 2024


Subject to Ramadhan Dates, bayaans from the 11th - 30th March will take place after Taraweeh Salaah and bayaans from the 31st March till the end will take place after Asr Salaah.



1st - 5th:  Sheikul Hadeeth Mufti Umar Farooq Sahib Dāmat bārakatuhum in Urdu

6th - 10th: Mawlana Zayd Gajia Sahib in English

11th - 15th: Mawlana Junaid Muawiyah Sahib in English

16th - 20th : Mawlana Yunus Dudhwala Sahib in English

21st - 25th : Qari M.Shoaib Nurgat Sahib in English

26th - End: Mawlana Zayd Mehter Sahib in English



After Fajr each day there will be a short Hadith Majlis by Mawlana Zayd Gajia Sahib (5-10 Mins)


All talks wil also be aired on our mixlr channel.






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