Rules and Regulations

1          Madrasah time, lateness, attendance and absences

1.1       The Madrasah Ta’leemul Qur’an (MTQ) operates Monday to Friday, from 5.00pm - 7.00pm. The times for Hifz classes are 5:00pm to 7.30pm.

1.2        We at MTQ undertake punctuality and more broadly attendance very seriously.  Students arriving more than 10 minutes late will be given a warning. If they come late two or more times a week without a valid reason they will be given a detention.

1.3        Any child that is absent from the Madrasah for more than TWO week without providing a valid reason before the absence begins will be removed from the register and will have to re-apply for admittance. The re admittance is not guaranteed and will be subject to a place being available and a higher administration charge of £25.00 will apply. All communication in relation to attendance and punctuality must be through the Madrasah Office (MO) and you should quote student number/s

1.4        No child will be allowed to leave the Madrasah early unless a note has been supplied to the Madrasah Office. The MTQ may make enquiries to the authenticity of the note supplied.

1.5        If your child is unable to attend Madrasah due to sickness, please inform (MO) between 4.45pm and 5.30pm by phone (0208 985 8204), in person or by sending a note with a student. Please remember to quote your childs student number

1.6        All other leave outside of official Madrasah holidays needs to be approved by the MTQ. Parents/guardian are required to submit “Form AA001” or a written letter to be sent to the Madrasah Office at the earliest convenience. You should not make any firm arrangements until your leave request has been approved.

1.7        We expect all students to have punctuality above 95%. To facilitate this, doors on both entrances will be closed after a certain time and all admittance will be through the madrasah office. For continued lateness without a valid reason we will apply our disciplinary procedure.

1.8        Any absence without authorisation will be recorded as unauthorised. Failure to contact the Madrasah by 5.30pm will result in an unauthorised absence. 

1.9        Please give minimum of two weeks notice in writing if you wish to remove your child from MTQ.

1.10      All students are expected to attend Madrasah exams. If exams are missed without a valid reason students will not be allowed to sit the exam. Valid reasons could be sickness, bereavement etc.

1.11      All new students are subject to completing a three-month trial period (absences will be disregarded). All students that demonstrate they can follow the Madrasah rules will automatically pass this period.


2          Health and Safety (H & S)

2.1        The Madrasah is responsible for the health and safety of your child for the duration of the

 Madrasah opening hours and ten minutes either side of opening and closing time. Students will not be allowed into the Madrasah before 16:50 each day.   

2.2        MTQ’s H&S responsibilities are restricted to the legal boundaries of Madina Masjid Trust. It is the parents/guardians duty to ensure your children arrives and is picked up safely and on time.

2.3        For safety reasons, parents must NOT enter Madrasah classes during class times under any circumstances. All queries should be made to the MO ONLY including meeting with a particular teacher or discussing progress. Failure to follow this guideline will result in the strongest possible action.

2.4        If parents/guardian have an issue or concern with any student/s of the Madrasah, then these issues should be taken up with the MO ONLY. Under no circumstances, should the parents/guardians/student(s) pursue these issues directly with the child or their parents.  Any breach in this regard will result in automatic suspension and if proven serious, MTQ at its discretion may expel the child.

2.5        If your child is required to take any medication during Madrasah hours for less than a week, please advise teacher in writing.  If medication is to exceed more than a week, or there is a long term illness, please advise MO in writing.

2.6        Children NOT collected on time will have to be picked up from the Madrasah Office.  A register to this effect will be maintained and persistent failures will be warned about this.


3          Homework 

3.1        Please ensure your child completes all their homework. Where a homework booklet/sheet is provided, it MUST be signed by either parent/guardian and returned to the teacher within the deadline given.

3.2        If the child does not complete his/her homework, then MTQ at its sole discretion may impose a sanction such as a detention. if there is a valid reason why the homework set was not completed on time, it is the parents’/guardians responsibility to notify the teacher in writing. 

3.3        Parents/guardian should ensure their children prepare at home and familiarise with their lesson in advance of arriving to Madrasah. MTQ will liaise with parents to support them on this.


4          Discipline and behaviour

4.1        The Madrasah has a detention policy which applies to all students. This could be for persistent lateness, lack of effort in the class or behaviour.

4.2        If a child is given detention, then a letter will be sent home with the child to notify the parents/guardian in advance with the reason, including date and time of the detention.

4.3        Discipline and behaviour are of a paramount importance. If a child is found to be disrespectful, abusive, using foul language or any other action deemed to be unacceptable in general towards any individual will result in the strongest disciplinary action. The MTQ has a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY in this regard.

4.4        If a child/parents/guardian behaviour, conduct or such act that brings the Madrasah into disrepute, MTQ will initiate the strongest punishment.

4.5        Where a child falls below expected tolerance level in the class, the following course of action will be taken;


Stage 1: A verbal warning from the teacher.

Stage 2: If within a calendar date from stage 1, similar incident will result in a detention

Stage 3: Further contravention, parents/guardians will be required to attend a meeting and a record will be left on the child’s file

Stage 4: If there is a further behaviour/conduct issue, the child will be suspended for one week

Stage 5: If further problems occur the child will be suspended for a longer period or excluded


4.6        The use of electronic/recreational gadgets are not allowed into the Madrasah. Mobile phones are permitted but MUST NOT BE “ON” or taken out of pocket.  If found is taken out of pocket, MTQ officials will confiscate it. Parents/guardian will have to contact the MO to reclaim the item. Further and stronger action will result for repeating offenders.

4.7        Students must not posses Items which are generally regarded to be harmful.

4.8        Student must arrive to Madrasah fully equipped with all necessary Kitaabs and any other items. Students that continue to fail to bring in their correct equipment will be given a detention.


5          Communications

5.1        From time to time, parents will receive letters or communications by electronic media pertaining to their child and the Madrasah. Where necessary, hardcopies will be distributed.

5.2        Parents are encouraged to attend parent’s evenings and any other meetings that the MTQ may request pertaining to their child.

5.3        In line with Islamic ethos, fathers will attend boys’ meeting and mothers will attend girls’ meetings.  Where this is NOT possible, parents/guardian should advise the MO.

5.4        If a child’s personal details (such as address, contact number etc.) changes subsequent to admission, it is the parents/guardians responsibility to notify the Madrasah office in writing.  You must ensure the Madrasah always have an up to date contact numbers and address.  From time to time we will send out forms so details can be updated.

5.5        Parents/guardian are encouraged to actively participate in our annual Jalsa/Celebration event and to encourage their children to attend these prize giving ceremonies.


6          Dress Code

6.1        The MTQ has a dress code and expects all its students to adhere to it. Boys must be dressed in either Shalwar Qamees or an Arabian thobe of any colour, though white is preferable and must be below knee level. Boys must leave home wearing a Topi (head covering) of any colour, though white is preferable.  

6.2        Jewellery must NOT be worn by boys, with the exception of a wrist watch. If a student is found to be wearing or in possession of any other jewellery, MTQ has the right to confiscate it.  Parents/guardian will have to contact the Madrasah office to reclaim the item. Further and stronger action will result for repeating offenders.

6.3        Any male children adopting hairstyle which is contrary to the spirit of Islam will be asked for it to be cut again. Parents will be notified in writing.

6.4        Boys are encouraged to follow the Sunnah and keep a beard. However this is mandatory for all students in the Hifz class

6.5         If a child falls short of the dress code policy, a verbal warning will be issued. If there are repeated   

failures, MTQ will take further action.

6.6        Girls must be dressed in full Hijab (black) and an abaya/jubbah/jilbab and must have their hair covered fully at all times. Headscarves should be long enough to drape over the upper body and should not be revealing.

6.7        All students must show reverence to the Holy Quran, Kitaabs (books) and other Islamic textbooks. To carry such material in a rucksack, ladies handbag or any other fashionable bag is completely reprehensible.


7          Fees and charges

7.1        All parents are responsible for paying the appropriate fees on time. The fees can be paid monthly, quarterly or yearly. Payments should be made ONLY in the MO by 5th of each Month.

7.2        If parents/guardian has problems paying fees on time, or there are financial difficulties preventing payment, you are strongly advised to write to the Madrasah office without delay.

7.3        MTQ will explore possible means of supporting the case and assist in bringing a mutual decision.  MTQs decision will be final and binding and there is no recourse for appeals.

7.4        The current Madrasah fees are £20.00 per month for all classes with the exception of Hifz classes which are £30.00. Fees will be reviewed periodically and if there are any changes, parents will be notified in writing with at least one months notice.  

7.5        Fees can be paid by cash/cheque/Standing Order/internet banking.  Any bank charges incurred by the Madrasah – i.e. cheque bouncing will be passed on to parents. If you intend to pay by SO, internet banking, you MUST contact MO prior to instructing/transferring any money. MTQ will NOT be responsible for any money it can NOT trace adequately.


Payee Name: Madina Mosque Islamic Cultural Centre

Name of bank and holding branch: HSBC – Hackney Branch

Account number and sort code: 91130250         40 03 19

To set up a standing order mandate, pay by direct please contact Madrasah Office


7.6        The Madrasah fees apply to 11 months of the year. There is no charge for the Holy month of Ramadhan.

7.7        MTQ will refund fees for any whole months ONLY.   

7.8        An administration charge of £10.00 per child is payable once a start date has been confirmed.

7.9        You will be held liable and responsible for any damage to any fixtures and fittings of Madina Masjid Trust caused by your child. MTQs decision will be final and absolute.

7.10      Fees will be payable during suspension/expulsion period.

7.11      Where a child is defaulting on paying fees on time, MTQ will arrange a meeting with the parents to discuss this and discuss possible strategies.


8          Miscellaneous Points

8.1        Parents will be informed, If the head teacher or class teacher feels your child is not making sufficient progress due to lack of effort. If there is no further improvement we will apply our disciplinary procedure.

8.2        New intakes -  1st intake immediately after Ramadhan. 2nd intake 5 month after the 1st intake date.

8.3        Decisions made by the MTQ can be appealed against, unless mentioned otherwise.  You will be notified this in more detail in the letter you receive communication from MTQ.

8.4        No eating or drinking is allowed in class, unless prior authorisation is given. 

8.5        The Madrasah Committee has the right to alter or amend the rules and regulations as necessary.

8.6        MTQ teaches fiqh issues relating to the Hanafi School of thought ONLY.

8.7        By signing this form, Parents/Carers give consent for their child to be given basic first aid treatment by a qualified first aider in case of any minor accidents/incidents/emergencies e.g. plasters, bandages etc.

8.8        Children who are living in closer proximity to the Madrasah will be given priority.