Madrasah Year Planner - 2023

Gregorian Date/s Islamic Date/s Details Total Days Madrasah Re-Opens
1st Jan 2023

8th to 9th  Jumadath Thaniyah 1444

Winter Holidays (Madrasah closed) 1 2nd Jan 2023
6th to 7th Mar 14th - 15th Sha'baan

Nisfus Sha'baan (the 15th night of Sha'baan (Madrasah closed)

2 8th March
22nd to 24th Mar 29th Sha'baan - 2nd Ramadhan

Pre Ramadhan Holidays (Madrasah closed)

3 27th March
10th to 24th Apr 19th Ramadhan to 4th Shawwal

Ramadhan & Eid Ul Fitr  (Madrasah closed)

11 26th April 
25th April 5th Shawwal Inset Day (Madrasah closed) 1
28th April 8th Shawwal

Recognising Ramadhan Achievements with special dinner

0 N/A
27th to 30th June 9th to 11th Dhul Hijjah Yaum e Arafah and Eid ul Adha (Madrasah closed) 4 3rd July
3rd to 7th July 15th to 19th Dhul Hijjah Final Written Exams 0


15th July 27th Dhul Hijjah Oral Exam & Prize giving ceremony for Boys classes after Dhur Salaah (1:30PM) (Attendance Compulsory for all male students) 0 N/A
16th July 28th Dhul Hijjah Prize Giving Ceremony for Girls - 2.15PM  (Attendance Compulsory for all female students) 0 N/A
19th July 1st Muharram 1445 Parents Evening - (non-attendance counted as an absence) 0 N/A
24th July - 18th August  6th Muharram to 2nd Safar Summer Holidays & Aashura (Madrasah closed) 20 21st August
28th August 11th Safar Inset Day (Madrasah closed) 1 29th August
27th October  12th RabÍ al-thani Mid Term Holiday (Madrasah closed) 1 30th October
4th-8th December 4th to 24th Jumadal Ula Mid Year Exams 0 N/A
15th December 2nd Jumadath Thaniyah Parents Evening - (non-attendance counted as an absence) 0 N/A
22nd Dec 2023 to 1st Jan 2024 9th to 20th Jumadath Thaniyah Winter Holidays (Madrasah closed) 6 (+1) 2nd Jan 2024

* Please note the above dates are subject to change. You will be notified if there are any changes.

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All planned absences require prior authorisation from Madrasah Office.

Unauthorised absences will result in further action including child been suspended.

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