Madrasah Year Planner - 2021




Gregorian Date/s Islamic Date/s Details Total Days Madrasah Re-Opens
1st Jan 2021

17th Jamad ul Ula 1442

Winter Holidays (Madrasah closed) 1 4th Jan 2021
29th March 16th Sha'baan

Nisfus Sha'baan (the 15th night of Sha'baan (Madrasah closed)

1 30th March
1st April 19th Sha'baan

Inset Day (Madrasah closed)

2nd-9th April 20th-27th Sha'baan Easter Holidays (Madrasah Closed) 6 12th April
6th-14th May 24th Ramadhan - 2nd Shawwal Ramadhan & Eid (Madrasah Closed) 7 17th May
17th May 5th Shawwal

Recognising Ramadhan - Achievements with special dinner.

0 N/A
5th - 9th July 25th-29th  Dhul Qa'dah Internal Oral Exams 0 N/A
19th -23rd July 9th - 13th  Dhul Hijjah  Yaum e Arafha and Eid ul Adha 5


26th July - 17th August 16th Dhul Hijjah - 9th Muharram 1443 Summer Holidays (Madrasah Closed) 17  
18th August 10th Muharram Aashura (Madrasah Closed) 1  
19th - 20th August 11th-12th Muharram Summer Holidays continued 2  
23rd August  15th Muharram  Inset Day (Madrasah Closed) 1 24th August
8th October 2nd Rabi ul Ula Parents Evening (Non-attendance counted as an absence) 0 9th October
13th-17th December 9th-13th Jamadu al-Ula Mid Year Exams 0 N/A
24th Dec-4th Jan 2022 20th Jamadu al-Ula Winter Holidays (Madrasah Closed) 7 + (1) 5th Jan 202


Note - It is imperative that all your holidays are booked in accordance with the madrasah holiday schedule.