Jummuah Guidance

23 Jan 2021


If you are attending Jummah at our Masjid please adhere to the following guidelines.


1.Do not attend if you or any member of your household have COVID 19 symptoms.


2. If you are a regular, book a ticket via the link below or if you are not a regular then please write your name and number on piece of paper and hand it in at the gate.


3. Face masks are to be worn correctly at all times.


4. Please bring your Ticket (QR CODE) and your own prayer mat.


5. Do your Wudhu (Ablution) at home. 6. Maintain Social distance at all times.


7. Do not gather outside or inside the Masjid with people outside of your household.


8. At all times follow the guidance of the volunteers.


If you are a regular you can book you jummuah ticket via the link below, the same ticket is to be used for all Jummuah salaats you attend.