Masjid to open on the 22nd June for Individual Prayer

22 Jun 2020

Asalamualikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh,


The Masjid are pleased to announce that through the mercy of Allah SWT, we are able to open the doors back again for individual prayers from Monday 22nd June, between 2-4PM daily.

The side hall of the masjid will be used, brothers are advised to use the last entrance in the garden and to follow the following guidance.

1. Please only attend if you do not have any COVID 19 Symptomps or have a temperature of more than 37.8C.

2. Bring your own Prayer Mat, Tasbeeh, Quraan, face covering and plastic bag for your shoes.

3. Ensure you come to the masjid with your wudhu.

4. Maintain social distancing at all times and please follow the guidance given to you by the management.