Ramadhan Information

21 Apr 2020

Asalamualikum Warahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh,

Alhamdulillah, Ramadhan has arrived, the first taraweeh will be 23rd April and the first fast will be commence 24th April.

Below are some key points to remember about our masjid Ramadhan schedule and some guidance in regards to Taraweeh and Sadaqatul Fitr.

Daily Schedule

After Fajr Salaah: Mawlana Zayd Gajia Sahibs Hadith Majlis

After Asr Salaah: Talks will be aired on our transmitter and online from our own Ulama and our visiting Ulama.

After Esha Salaah: Taraweeh Salaah will be aired on the transmitter and online, however it is impermissible for you to follow the Taraweeh from your houses.


Please take note of the following points in regards to performing Taraweeh in your house.

The following guidelines are based on the rulings from the Hanafi Fiqh of School.​

  • Taraweeh is to be performed in your own houses with your families.
  • Do not follow the Masjids Taraweeh or any broadcast of Taraweeh salaah in your homes, it is impermissible to do so.
  • All 20 Rakaah should be performed in Taraweeh Salaah
  • Taraweeh salaah can be performed individually or in congregation with the family members, it is encouraged that families perform Taraweeh Salaah in congregation in their own homes.
  • Taraweeh can be only led by a mature man.
  • If there is no Huffaz in the house, or if they are not mature as of yet, then a mature male should recite from Surah Feel until Surah Naas twice. Alternatively, if you know other portions from the glorious Qur'aan, then that can also be recited.
  • The Qur'aan must be recited in Salaah from memory. A Mushaf or an external device cannot be used.

Sadaqatul Fitr

  • Sadaqatul Fitr should be given before Eid Salaah.
  • This year the Sadaqatul Fitr amount is £3.50 per person
  • Please do not donate your Sadaqatul Fitr into the Masjids Bank account, rather come to the masjid at the allocated time to donate, which are 2-2:15PM & 7:45-8PM. (Ideally the brothers of the house should come to donate, if there are any individuals or families that are in isolation, please make arrangements to have their Sadaqatul Fitr donated to the masjid.)

Any further updates regarding the Masjid, Ramadhan and Eid will be updated on our website inshallah.