Islamic Fiqh Class for Ladies

10 Nov 2019


Alhamdulillah, by the will of Allah S.W.T, Madina Masjid under the guidance of our Hadhrat Mufti Umar Faruq Saab Damat Barakatuhum have organised a set of fiqh classes for the ladies of our community. The aim of the classes is so that our mothers, sisters and daughters can increase their knowledge about such important issues which play affect in their daily lives, allowing them to live their lives according to the way our beautiful deen has showed us.

For those sisters who have not registered already at the monthyl program in Septemeber, then please send your name and contact number to the following email, appa will contact you with further information.

The next classes will be on the Sunday 12th January 2020 and Sunday 19th January 2020. Classes will Start at 10:00 AM and finish by 11:30 AM - Sisters are advised to come 15 miniutes early.

We urge all to encourage the ladies of our houses, family members and friends to sign up to the classes.